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Haters & Naysayers.

I just read a chapter in Sam Dastyari’s book about how he reacts from his naysayers and haters.

Printed and placed secretly in storage.

I would have to give credit to this guy to find hate mail so intriguing. It is completely absurd and funny at the same time.

We are all human and for most people, the negative comments can sometimes overshadow the positive ones.

The negative ones are usually the ones that linger and if not controlled, start manifesting in your sub-conscious.

It is when we start obsessing over a negative comment that it can affect our behaviour.

Personally, I have been interested and intrigued by how people deal with haters for years.

I have read enough biographies to know that to become great leaders, haters, naysayers and possibly enemies come with the territory.

But when you accept the fact that haters and naysayers exist, there is a better sense of peace of the situation.

Such as life, there will be admirers and fans as well as haters and naysayers.

From Martin Luther King Jr. who had opposing opinions from the outside as well as inside his circle. According to Godfrey Hodgson, Martin Luther King made some tough decisions that some of his closest confidantes could not agree to. Even when the stakes included the risk of his own life and his family.

Elvis Presley’s manager was the same person who created the Elvis 'Hate' club as well as his Fan club. Strange. Yes. But the fact that these mere humans had enough energy to talk about a subject they did not like. It was an opportunity get more publicity.

And depending on your beliefs, the ancient prophecies made by historical religious leaders where chased down, beaten and killed.

Although these are extreme cases, the fact is a person with great influence has enemies, haters and naysayers at different degrees.

Along with the haters, the challenges seem to get harder - which doesn’t help.

Some people can crawl and hide away while others laugh at the absurdity.

I have come across female writers who have approached their psychotic counterparts and explained some of them were either mentally - ill or bored but not generally politically or philosophically motivated.

With social media at anyone’s fingertips, it has made the common opinion easily accessible.

Appealing and dangerous at the same time.

And a little advice for those who want to be successful, there will be healthy doses headed your way.

In Dr. DeMartini’s seminars, he talks about where there is resistance there is always support somewhere else.

And when I buckle down and come to my senses, I always find someone - i know or don’t know - who is supporting me.

Laser focusing on the person that doesn’t like you or does not approve of you does not help.

Learning to let go quickly is a skill and a necessity to be successful. And if you know my written work, ‘success’ is your own definition.

So don’t be discouraged when someone does not agree with your work, opinions or your outfit.

Everyone has opinions that come and go. Sometimes they can even motivate us.

But don’t let peoples’ opinions stop you from doing the things you love.

When we continue to do the things we love, we are honouring ourselves to live our fullest life.

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