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Compromise versus Sacrifice


Relationships are complicated. Every person is created with different upbringings, values and experiences.

Every person navigates through life with the eyes of their family, school friends and their community.

And that’s why relationships are complicated.

Like a human fingerprint, there is only one version of us.

In this lifetime, we are here to figure who we are and what our lives are destined for.

There will be many joys and pains from a living a fulfilling life. We invest in our dreams and goals - and hopefully with a full heart - to gain our deepest desires.

We care for our loved ones so deeply our thoughts and actions revolve around their wellbeing. It is in our biological and sociological nature to give and care for the people we love. It is human.

But how do we differentiate between compromise and sacrifice?

We can get over-excited by the possibilities of a new partner or we may have a sense of obligation to our loved ones.

And as we grow with our relationships, the more we invest time and energy into those relationships.

One of the important decisions to make is decide how much are you willing to give up in order to get the approval or acceptance of another.

No matter who are you are, you cannot please everyone.

One of the biggest mistakes - and myths - is that you can please everyone.

And one of the toughest decisions is who’s approval are your looking for.

Are your dreams and goals big enough to conquer the doubts and fears within yourself and the resistance from the outside?

According to the Cambridge dictionary, compromise is an “agreement to an argument in which people involved reduce their demands.”

Sacrifice is to “give something that is valuable to you in order to help another person.”

Compromise is expected to happen between two people whether if it’s deciding what to have for dinner or deciding where to buy your new house.

But when decisions are dependant on one person, it is dangerous for the other persons sense of self.

We have heard of stories about people who forget who they are. And the instant reaction is how does one person forget who they are?

The answer is sacrifice over compromise.

We can get lost in other peoples expectations and values that we forget what we want for ourselves.

And some people may say it is selfish. But when self-care is neglected, how do you give and serve without expectations?

Compromise will naturally happen between two people who respect each others values and goals.

Whereas sacrificing your goals and doing things you love will diminish your self-worth and wellbeing.

What are your thoughts? Feel free to comment below.

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