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How Courage Fights the Fear

In the classic story Wizard of Oz, the story takes us on journey from Kansas to the magical land of Oz encountering characters representing good and bad.

And one of those loveable characters is the Lion who dreams about visiting the Great Oz to give him courage.

The film cleverly represents the contradictions of the Lion from picking on her small dog Toto to being paralysed with fear approaching the Great Oz.

We see a character that wants to be brave and courageous but mistakes his actions by scaring and overpowering people.

But is there more truth in the story than we would like to admit?

Every day we can enter the world with so much self doubt that we can forget our own self-worth and power.

We wonder if we can get the great job with the great pay.

We wonder if we can grab the attention of the great guy or gal.

We wonder if we can achieve our goals and dreams in our lifetime.

There is an element of our character that needs courage to achieve all of these things.

While the absolute terror from the Lion made my gut wrench, there is an undying human truth that we can all get scared.

The classic story of The Tinman wishing for ‘heart’ and the Scarecrow wishing for a ‘brain’ leads to an important lesson - that everyone has the power of heart, head and courage.

Courage as a human characteristic is the underdog in our life story.

We need courage to step out of our comfort zones, defeat our self doubt and have faith that everything happens for a reason.

Some people may call it blind faith, irrationality, craziness or even plain stupidity.

But if there is an intuition you cannot explain or natural gravitation towards something, it is the Universe telling you something you cannot explain yourself.

Then there will be moments when the head and heart will battle each other.

And when there are more things at stake, the battle can last for days, weeks and possibly months.

The constant battle of thoughts can make any game of tennis delightful to watch from a seat dead-centre of the tennis court or a high speed merry-go-around that goes no where.

Though, paralysis from analysis is dangerous and a decision made quickly is best for everyone.

Courage affects every corner of our self-worth. Courage is the intangible quality that raises our self-esteem, trust and connection.

With every goal we set ourselves is another step into another unfamiliar and strange arena.

Sometimes we don’t recognise the tasks on hand and the new ways of thinking. The people think and look different in an unfamiliar arena but it is a sign you are out of your comfort zone.

The question is how long are you able to withstand this unknown territory until it becomes familiar?

Will you return to your comfort zone or make unfamiliar territory your new zone?

How we understand and accept unfamiliar territory is how we use our own courage.

Courage allows us to be open, vulnerable, creative and loveable. Courage is priceless, highly desirable and yet not easily obtained.

Courage is the human quality that every one wants but not willing to work for.

Courage is the antidote to fear.

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