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Is it Healthy to be 'Happy' all the time?

Healthy vs Happy?

The word ‘happy’ is an elusive concept. The idea that ‘happy’ is an idealistic and utopian destination is more common belief than being ‘happy’ all the time.

Over the time, I have come across many people who openly express their beliefs about the human mindset.

From medical professionals to motivational speakers, they have strong beliefs about the idea of happiness.

On a visit to the Children’s Royal Hospital where a panel of medical professionals discussed the issue of mental health in the workplace.

The panel agreed the idea of being ‘happy’ all the time was a dangerous concept to believe in our every day lives.

The panel explained the body cannot constantly create the natural ’happy’ drug called Serotonin. Our body has a natural inclination to go into a state of rest.

And on the other spectrum, there are popular motivational institutions such as Mind Valley and the infamous fire-walking events of Tony Robbins that teach the importance of positive mindset.

More importantly, how to have a positive mindset in our every day lives.

We are only human to have ‘low-energy’ days where we are reluctant to share our charming smiles or have the energy to be enthusiastic about every idea that comes across our paths.

While I would like to believe that we can be ‘happy’ all the time; are we creating the perfectionism of positive thinking?

Like the journey of life itself, the stages of ups and down create the intricate colours and shades of our lives. We can laugh, cry, regret, rejoice and celebrate our past experiences.

Is it not natural to honour the feelings that we are experiencing now?

The act of hiding, denying or repressing our own emotions is a dangerous game that can lead to anxiety and depression.

The darkest time in my life was living in denial about what I wanted for myself and where I was.

After much travelling, my old dreams started to transform into new dreams of creative impossibilities. And two words that could haunt me for the rest of my life. No regrets.

When we hide our feelings long enough, it manifests itself into the absence of feelings.

Like a healthy diet, we need to be able to balance our emotions.

While we are cooking, we need to cook at the right temperature without under-cooking or burning our food. The idea of balancing emotions is not much different.

When recognising our emotions as part of a healthy life, we are able to become more self aware about how we feel and how to remove ourselves from the situation.

We can be easily distracted with mobile phones and fast lives.

When we are comfortable enough to put away our phones to recognise how we feel, we can create heart-felt meaningful connections.

We cannot reach the state of happiness if we deny ourselves of grief, anger and sadness from time to time.

Our lives will be lighter, brighter and more joyful when we are able to sit long enough in our own darkness.

Please seek professional advice if you need to speak someone.

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