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How Do I Change a Habit?

So now, you know why you can’t change your habits.

There’s too many shoulda, coulda and woulda’s in your self talk. And, you realise what you are doing now is not coming close to what you need to do to achieve your goals.

If you are - fantastic! If not, read on...

So, you have written down your goals and you understand why you can’t achieve your goals.

But how do I change a habit?

It always seems easier said than done. Write down your goals and then write down the steps towards your goals. Easy.

But achieving a goal is a long process where you find out more about yourself and more about the situation.

The old saying goes its the journey not destination.

But what does that mean? Just get me there and I will be happy.

When we write our goals, we see the finish the line but not the distance to get there. And thats how we need to look at our goals - like a race.

And not a race against others - but a race within ourselves.

We may fall and trip. But we get up, dust ourselves off and start again.

We may start fast - then realise we might be running out of steam - and start to slow down or maybe stop altogether.

Or we may get injured along the way and we need to patch ourselves up and start again.

Or we may see the race as a 400 metre sprint then realise its more like a 5km marathon.

No matter how we see it - we need to reach our goals one step at a time.

So what are the three behaviours that supports your new value and your goal?

Here’s a few examples:

Losing weight - going for a walk every day, buy new gym clothes and new shoes, find exercise I enjoy.

Eating healthy - remove all sugary drinks such Coke or Redbull, clear out the fridge and cupboards, drink more water, pack a lunch and snack on healthy foods

Get a promotion - add extra value to your job, have a discussion with your boss, get extra training.

Saving more money - write down income and expenses, automate bills and expenses, find your weakness and limit your spending

The best line of defence is to find the advantages of achieving your goals.

Now write down all the reasons why losing weight, eating healthy, saving money or getting a promotion is a good way to improve your life.

Now you have your goals,down, the steps to action and the benefits to achieving your goals.

Now, it is time to change and take action.

Do you need help for 2019?

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