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Why Can't I Change my Habits?

The first month of the year means looking into the new year with new hope and possibilities.

We think about our goals. We think about our future prospects. And we may take the next step by writing goals down and deadlines.

But for most of us, our good intentions are disregarded in the first month. We think its too hard.

The goals are too big. And maybe just too soon to repair or accomplish. We comfort ourselves that we will do it next time.

But the problem with ‘next time’ is that it becomes on our ‘to do’ list for a very long time. It is on our lists of ‘should’s’.

And that’s the first question we have to answer before we accomplish any goal.

Why do we want to accomplish this goal?

This is the hardest question we have to ask ourselves. Because sometimes we don’t want to admit that it is because the outside world thinks i should.

I should be skinny. I should be rich. I should have a better job. I should achieve more. I just should.

But nothing will change if that’s where you are coming from. Absolutely nothing.

So how do we really make change?

We need to look at what we value and connect what we want to achieve with what we value.

Sounds like gibberish.

The easiest way to find out what you value is to write down 5 things to the following questions:

How do you spend your money? And is this purposeful spending?

What do you do with your time? And how does it contribute to your life?

When you are bored, what is your favourite activity?

How you spend your time and money is a huge sign on what you value. Maybe you love eating out with friends, watching movies every week or shopping with the family.

When I completed this exercise for the first time, I realised how much money I wasted on shopping or how much time I wasted on watching television.

I realised what I was doing was not even close to what I needed to do to accomplish my goals.

So after I moved places, I did not connect my television for three months and instead of shopping, I started swimming and dance classes.

Unexpectedly, improving my fitness contributed to many other goals.

Take a moment to write down the answers to the above questions.

There’s two reactions that can happen after the exercise. Shock or denial. If you feel shock then you realise things will have to change.

By acknowledging the problem is the first step to solving the problem.

From there, write down three steps to head towards your goals everyday.

And at first you don’t succeed, try - try - try again.

Do you need help for 2019?

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