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Are you The Tortoise or The Hare?

It is the classic fable. The lesson of slow and steady wins the race. But how relevant is this lesson now?

We live in the world of social media and the internet where everything can happen now. We can buy the latest trends of fashion and technology in a few clicks of a button.

The age of reality television, plastic surgery and advanced technology. It is no wonder people also expect to get rich - and even famous - really quickly.

Those quick wins grab the attention of those people who want to get rich and the attention quickly. But growing your craft, creating relationships and enjoying the journey is all part of the package.

Not only to build the trust among your peers but to build the trust and belief in yourself that you can create consistent quality work.

There are more stories of people achieving grand goals after years of work than those instant wins. And yes, there have been stories where people achieve their goals almost instantaneously through the magic of the internet. But it is still the exception.

When it comes to achieving your goals - whether if its getting a promotion, losing weight or starting a business - we need to learn to be determined, patient and diligent.

While I would like to believe that I have the ‘tortoise’ strategy in goal setting, sometimes that competitive streak can take charge. And that’s when I get frustrated, angry and impatient.

It has taken me a long time to realise that trying is worth a lot more than achieving the goal straight away. The unexpected feelings of profound appreciation and being humble is just a couple of traits for achieving a huge goal.

There is a hidden blessing of teaching yourself the habit of creating and building your craft. The achievement of goals and wealth is the result of months and years of work materialising into your life.

Did you know that 70% of lottery winners are bankrupt or broke after five years?

Does that surprise me?


Because there is a lack of appreciation for their winnings in the long run and there is no consistent habit of the creation of wealth. So the very event of gaining sudden riches can generally result in the sudden loss of riches.

The same way works with our weight and the food we eat. We want quick results but that does not create lifelong habits of consistent exercise and a balanced healthy diet.

And there can be times, when we reward ourselves with food which can defeat the purpose of healthy living.

My “healthy” journey started going to the gym everyday and finishing it off with McDonalds. Guilty as charged.

There is so much hidden value in growing the habit of activities like exercising and eating well that it will show up in the way you live, how you look and most importantly how you feel.

The chances of heart disease, cancers and illness decreases and we are more likely to live longer.

If you have been an avid reader of my blogs, you would know it took a mere 3 months to change my habits of eating no sugar and eating no meat.

And while i now occasionally eat meat and a few sweet treats, it has restarted my body and my taste buds.

My body reacts differently to meat and sugars. I know when someone gives me a “healthy smoothie” but its packed with hidden sugars.

Or when i eat meat more than a couple of times in a week, I feel sluggish and tired.

It is not impossible to change old habits but you need to consider: Are you the Tortoise or Are you the Hare?

Do you need help for 2019?

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