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Mental health vs Physical Health

Experts, doctors and personal trainers focus on the importance on physical health. By eating our two fruits and five vegetables and exercising at least three times a week is the ideal aim for being physically health.

But what happened to the focus on mental health?

Undoubtedly, mental health affects our focus, clarity, wellbeing and our general happiness but why doesn’t mental health get the same exposure as maintaining your physical health.

Getting fit, being skinny and physically active has the connection of joy and happiness through the media. Sporting women with smily faces with their favourite beverage having a laugh in their cool clothes.

The general expectation is that skinny equals happiness. Though, the idea of skinny equals happiness is scary, dangerous and certainly not true.

The rise of anorexia, bulimia and unrealistic body expectations causes many people to feel anxious and depressed about how they look and what people expect from us.

And when people focus more on how they look than how they feel, it is dangerous ground.

There is little or no exploration about self expression and how others feel. It leaves no creativity or imagination for the future.

The modern world cannot escape from social media, television and the internet.

The entertainment or social media fix makes us feel happy in the moment but it avoids our brain from processing and reflecting on our daily experiences. These reflections create our sense of self and belonging.

Scientists’ have proven that people who meditate and reflect on their experiences are more emotionally and mentally healthy.

Many people love the idea of visiting Facebook, Instagram or YouTube to get their next ‘happy’ fix. Though, it is counterproductive when the person is not particularly emotionally aware of themselves.

When a person has low self esteem or a low level of confidence, it can cause comparison levels to sky rocket. And instead of providing a ‘happy’ fix, it can spiral into anxiety and depression.

Entertainment is no longer entertainment and its used as an unrealistic measuring tool for a persons life.

Depending on a persons’ sense of belonging, it can cause detrimental changes to how they can think about themselves especially if they are younger.

The younger generation have an alarming rise of people suffering from depression and anxiety.

There are non-for-profits and government groups encouraging more funding to mental health organisations. But more funding into these groups, doesn’t acknowledge the fact there is a cause to the problem.

A definite answer on how to discuss and facilitate mental health will be a mystery.

But considering a vast proportion have or are suffering from depression or anxiety, the question remains.

Why doesn’t the topic of mental health get more exposure than maintaining our physical health?

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