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The Advantages of a Minimalist

Most people do not have enough of these two things:



While it is unrealistic to have everything you want at the same time, prioritising your time and money according to your goals will lead to your own success.

And not the idea of success that people tell you - the goals and achievements you set for yourself.

And after three years by living the minimalist life, I have organised my time and money to achieve extraordinary goals. By organising and developing new habits - step by step.

When we grow new habits, it can take a lot of time and effort. Though over time, it becomes ingrained into our very being.

And when a task stops becoming a deliberate combination of thought and action, the habit becomes second nature and thats when the magic begins.

There is scientific research that supports the idea that our cells regenerate after a certain period.

Deepak Chopra states the body can regenerate after three to four months while others scientists can claim up to 12 months.

By either measure, the idea of transforming who we are physically and spiritually is an insane concept.

And my journey started with the art of minimalism.

After reading a book “Everything that remains” by Joshua Millburn, it articulates a similar journey of emotions of how I started to transform my life.

I understood how important it is to ask the right questions on why we buy what we buy.

The journey started from cleaning out my fridge to my kitchen cupboards. I figured if unhealthy foods are not in my cupboards, it wasn’t in my reach. My first mission was to detox my body for three months.

Before the detox, my diet was either chicken or beef with a side of processed foods disguising themselves as healthy. Back then, regular exercising justified why I allowed myself to eat unhealthy foods.

In the meantime, my home needed a complete visual makeover. Removing everything that didn’t add value to my life or meant something to me went away. And along the way, asking myself “Are these the things that will help me become who I want to be?”

After three months, I felt like a new person. My energy sky rocketed.

My mind wasn’t clouded with unnecessary thoughts.

There was clarity, sharpness and creativity. I felt a sense of calmness.

There was more time and energy for my passions and a synchronicity of the flow of life.

So when there is a sense of overwhelm and stress, it is time to reboot your food habits. Reboot your physical habits. Reboot your surroundings.


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