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Book Review: Butterfly on a Pin

These words come from a girl from a small country town of Western Australia.

I know how hard it is to work from nothing and attempt to turn that into something. I understand the blood, sweat and tears needed to move forward despite the obstacles.

I feel her pain when she talks about the contradictions of her young life and how it affects her future. The struggles with the beliefs that were placed upon us and the fight for believing we are meant for something bigger.

There are people in this world that love to complain about the weather and the traffic but there are people who struggle living every day.

There are people who struggle to have food on the table. There are people who struggle to have a roof over their head.

There are people who don’t understand living a better lives for themselves. There are people who struggle to accomplish their dreams and goals.

And the bottom line, it comes to what we believe in ourselves. And no matter who you are, we strive to fight the visitors of fear and doubt.

And these seeds of thoughts are planted when we are young and grow into a certain type of human tree.

Whether if you are growing human tree or nurturing a growing human tree, feed your souls and minds with beautiful thoughts and pictures.

Let your imagination run wild. Let your dreams intertwine into your reality. And this is the journey of Alannah Hill.

While the world sees her as the famous fashion designer, she is so much more than what the world labels her.

This book is one of the best biographies i have ever come across. These tales will tear your heart and make you wonder how such tragedy can be true.

But like any hero, she triumphs through every adversity that is thrown to her. A woman of unbelievable strength that has survived and succeeded against all odds.

And these last words come from Alannah Hill:

Struggling to stay alive.

I had a choice whether i could live or die.

I chose to live.

To live on, to live large, to truly live my dreams; because our dreams are the one thing that cannot be take from us in this life, no matter how dark the days become.

Our dream, dear reader, connect us to the universe, to the greater reality beyond our powers of understanding, to our supernatural selves that no one and nothing can spoil, ruin or steal away from us.

That is our power: to defeat violence as an act of revenge and defiance.

To not let them win.

Be your own hero.

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