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A Journey into a new Season

Spring came into full swing with clear blue skies hanging over the city. The people of the city came out to walk, run and play in the new Spring sun. A warm fuzzy feeling came over me. The darkest season was over.

The winter was extra cold and chilly this year. It may have been a few months but it felt like the longest season. Unforeseen circumstances of life struck me hard this winter and I felt temporarily disabled.

Not a stranger to situations beyond-my-control, persistence and faith conquered my doubts. And although easier said than done, it was the only option.

And when you make a decision to take action and see that decision as the only thing to do, you will achieve it. The tunnel vision of achieving a goal will remove the distractions and obstacles along the way.

The distractions and obstacles don’t become roadblocks. The obstacles become learning opportunities. The distractions becomes just distractions.

We don’t have to take notice of these situations if they don’t affect us. In hindsight, it may sound selfish. But if you are trying to improve a situation for others and yourself, it is worth the focus.

Do we really need to acknowledge a small moment that doesn’t affect us in the future? Bad traffic. Bad service. Bad weather. Bad take out. Bad connection.

Just the time and energy to notice these things will drain your energy. Turn the bad into a positive.

Bad traffic? More time rocking with my radio. Bad coffee? Bad service? Just don’t go back. Bad weather? Just thank your lucky stars, there isn’t a flood. Bad connection? Fix it or feed your brain with a book.

We make choices in our lives and the trick is to figure out what is the right choice FOR YOU. There are so many choices out there but no one… and absolutely no-one…. can tell you what is best for you.

Take it from a country girl that moved to the big smoke. No one would have ever guessed i would move to another city six years ago. It was a huge step. But i knew it was the best thing for me.

Sometimes we need to get out of our comfort zone - literally and figuratively speaking.

By just being in a physical new space will naturally give your head space a refresh. While travelling for some people can be a luxury, a weekend away can be just the thing you need to see things from a different perspective.

Don’t be afraid to explore new concepts or new ideas about your future. The only way to figure out if it is the right choice is to give it a shot and see how you feel.

There is no right and wrong answers on what is right for you. The right choice depends on you.

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