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What is the Best Opportunity?

Life teaches us lessons.

Lessons we never asked for and ones waiting in the shadows.

Depending on where you are in life, the lessons can be harder and more complicated than you

have ever known. And sometimes, those struggles keep re-appearing; ready to be solved.

In the situation, it may not feel like we are ready but in actual fact, we are ready.

The situation feels so unknown that we do not know how to handle or solve the situation. We can

become so blinded by the struggle and the pain, we cannot recognise there is growth in every

struggle. And the unknown requires us to think and act outside of our comfort zone.

There is a saying “If you don’t get lost, how can you find the yourself in a place you have never

been before?”

This quote has been such an inspiration in my times of struggle. And looking back - when i

thought I hit my breaking point - the universe offers me grace and mercy. The times where i was

pushing the boundaries were the times another opportunity presents itself with better prospects.

An opportunity that fits my direction.

And the first opportunity isn’t necessarily the best option. But waiting patiently for the right

opportunity. The right opportunity that nurtures and supports who you are. The right opportunity

that will help you grow in all areas.

Not where people might be impressed about what you are doing.

But where the opportunity fulfils our spirit. Our minds. Our bodies. And to work with people with

great minds and good hearts. And our rewards for our efforts will be matched.

The universe will present us different opportunities. But the trick is not to be flattered by the first


Because whether we know it or not, we need to think about what is good for us now and in the

future. We need to reflect and think about whats happened in the past and how we see ourselves

in the future.

Inner reflection may take a day or two. Or a short trip away from the city to refresh and restart.

Silence can a confiding comrade that lets you explore what you truly want and need.

If the journey hasn’t been discovered and walked by those who surround you, there will be ideas

and actions that will be unknown and foreign. Be brave enough to be the first to trail the journey.

Because the constant noise of the outside telling us what we should be, we can forget it is our

right to protect and nurture our own dreams and goals.

The trick is to find out what is your true voice and have the courage to express your desires

through your actions.

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