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When you stop smoking...

While smoking can be a life long addictive habit, the short term effects can be instant.

The body is consistently renewing the physical body by repairing and creating new blood cells. And, although the cravings for nicotine can still exist, the lungs function easier.

According to Charmaine Yabsley, who wrote Total Detox Plan, suggests within 8 hours of not smoking, circulation of the lungs improves and the levels of nicotine and carbon monoxide reduces by half.

Therefore, smoking at regularly intervals or ‘chain-smoking’ stabilises the levels of nicotine and carbon monoxide in the body.

By smoking a certain amount of cigarettes in a certain amount of time signals the body to tolerate and adjust to that level of nicotine.

Many experts suggests that going ‘cold-turkey’ is the best way to stop smoking as it drastically adjusts the level of nicotine. Though, nicotine patches and reducing the amount of cigarettes can help as well.

Nicotine withdrawals will happen and can’t be avoided but focusing on another task or habit can reduce the anxiety. Such as starting a new hobby or increasing your walking time each day.

Within 48 hours, the senses of taste and smell can start to improve which means those taste buds will be in full swing. Food will taste better and the experience of eating will naturally become more enjoyable.

After one month, the appearance of skin becomes clearer and generally, skin is less likely to be dry with fewer wrinkles.

Within three to six months, coughing and wheezing declines as there is a higher circulation of oxygen in the lungs and levels of carbon monoxide has reduced.

In the short period time, smokers-turned-non smokers can breathe easier without the complications of bad chemicals affecting the body. The appearance of skin and teeth become clearer and no doubt, food becomes a lot more enjoyable when taste buds are fully active.

Once the full year has passed, the risk of a heart attack is 50% less than a smoker and generally a smoker-turned-non-smoker has more chances of keeping those cigarettes away.

And the pivotal milestone when it turns into ten years, the risk of lung cancer reduce to half of a smoker.

Medical research shows that more than 60% of deaths are caused by diseases that have been created from what we have consumed. This includes smoking, alcohol and bad eating habits.

By making small and daily adjustments every day can create a snowball effect. And, this effect will roll into how you think, how you feel and ultimate what you do.

So no matter where you are, it is never too late to quit

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Source: The Body Detox by Charmaine Yabsley

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