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Deleted, paused and reflected

One day I opened my laptop and my favourite place to write blogs was gone.


Over eighteen months of notes, ideas, takeaways and of course, my blogs.

So this is what i did after it was deleted.

Paused and reflected.

My first thought to myself is 'I should have backed up'.

But my next reaction was surprisingly calm and serene. Like Yoda possessed me. Like Ghandi came to visit.

It could have been all the yoga sessions. Or it could have been my stress levels already hitting its peak.

Either way, in my Yoda impression - why did this happen?

And that’s what i needed to do with my life. Delete certain things in my life.

It was the universe forcing me to clean the slate and start over.

The next chapter in my life. New projects with new people. New topics and new opportunities is all in the cards.

Though i couldn’t see myself moving forward without letting go from the past.

And i would be the first to admit letting go can be hard. But this act of auto deletion - also a writers worst nightmare - was my personal sign to start over.

A small sense of relief happened with this reflection because i didn’t have to mentally let go from these ideas from the past. It was done for me.

I can certainly say enlightenment. in this situation is very rare.

The average person would have yelled in contempt or walked across the room with frustration but that didn’t happen.

And it would have been one of the last situations to find spiritual guidance and certainly the last place to start reflecting about life.

But two lessons did prevail in this incident.

  1. Back up.

  2. Start over.

#reflection #meditation #yoga #challenges #startup

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