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Growth = Exploration + Learning

There has been a lot of changes in the past few weeks. Good and bad.

And what i mean by bad - just complete and utter feeling of awkwardness

I have the to-do list. I have my morning routine. I meet new people quite easily.

But i have this tingly sensation that moves throughout my body. I have trouble sleeping. I have occasional mental blocks and my breathing is faster when I’m just about to get onto something big.

I have heard the human body is meant to survive. We are meant to live comfortably with food, water, shelter and be the company of family and friends.

But how about those human beings that want to innovate, explore and conquer?

Surely they must be super human.

But these very humans struggle with self doubt, juggle their personal and work lives and work so damn hard. And yes, they have unbelievably and scary work ethic.

It isn’t rocket science unless you are Elon Musk.

When you are reaching into a new territory with new people and new skills, it is natural to feel scared. We are not built to conquer every new situation.

But when fear takes control of how you make decisions then new territories will never be discovered.

Exploration. Research. Innovation. Learning would not exist.

If the human race did not have the tendency to create new things and innovate, we would be running around in animal skins and using fire to keep us warm.

Never stop wondering about the world. Appreciate the small things we take for granted.

Appreciate the switch of a light. Appreciate we have running electricity to power our laptops and mobile phones. Appreciate our health and the possibilities we have every day.

Because without those geniuses that create our every day things or fancy mobile apps that gives us information at the touch of a button, where would we be?

Without their crazy focus and insane way to create and innovate, where would we be?

Stuck in caves where men hunt and women cook.

Don’t be too cool for school. Exploring and learning is the new cool.

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