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The Key to Self Motivation

Every day people struggle to achieve their goals. Sometimes it can because of money. And sometimes it can be because of time.

Whether we have control of outside influences, they don’t make us feel great.

And when things stand in the way, self motivation can be a very hard thing to keep going.

Along the way, i found that certain people do different things to achieve their goals. And I have noticed the main difference of mindset is how they perceive their goal.

And yes, achieving a goal can make our lives feel more fulfilled. But by ticking off a bucket list, it doesn’t mean it will give you lasting fulfilment.

And generally lasting fulfilment is connected with self motivation. The level of self motivation is determined by how you perceive the journey.

How you see the obstacles as challenges and not a distraction. How you see the little achievements as a sign that you are just a step closer to your mission. How you see the journey in its present moment and not as a race to beat others or yourself.

Self motivation is ultimately about the intention of giving. Giving to the next person. Giving to your family and friends. Giving to your community. And giving to the world at large.

Seeing the world as one-size fits all is a dangerous way to perceive the world. Comparison is the opposite of self motivation.

It is a simple thought that can be deadly to your dreams and can stop all your goals in its tracks.

Be proud that you are one step closer to your goal.

We make hundreds of choices every day to reach our life’s goals and milestones.

Life is meant to be enjoyed and cherished. But treating life like a race means the very things you worked so hard for won’t be appreciated for its worth.

Stop thinking that someone has a stopwatch to time your every move and track every goal you have ever done because self motivation withers away from this thinking.

And why not celebrate those goals? No matter how small the goal, take a moment to acknowledge you have completed what you set out to do.

The smallest acknowledgement to myself is making a cup of tea. And going for a walk.

And doesn’t have to be loud and elaborate. Decide what you think you need. Decide what you believe you deserve.

Because once you keep saying - hey I’m awesome - for the little things. One day you will wake up and believe you are awesome.

So start believing you are awesome and self-motivation will flow into every thing you do.

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