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One Action to Transform your Mind

I remember the moment when i knew something bigger was meant for me.

In my younger years, i was working for a bookstore at the airport and the longer i worked there, i noticed how people behaved differently before flying to their destination.

From the guy who demanded to get a newspaper at 4am in the morning to the business people who went on their way, i slowly noticed what they bought and how they treated me.

Certain people bought the newspaper. Certain people bought books. Certain people stocked up on candy and chocolate.

And those certain people behaved differently as well. The ones who were respectful. The ones who were excited. The ones who were lovely, The ones who were rude. And the ones who were complacent.

Slowly, I asked questions to the ones who I aspired to become and noticed what they were interested in. I took note.

But also from boredom and pure curiosity, i browsed through those books and I noticed one particular book: Think and Grow Rich. And hey, i knew i could ‘think’ but grow rich. Come on.

I picked up the book and i was surprised how easy the book was easy to read. And yes, there was woo-woo talk. Esoteric talk that makes the normal person go - what the heck does that mean?

But it made me think.

It was the first book that left a lasting impression on me. I honestly believed when i changed my mindset and my attitude, i can achieve all my goals.

From humble beginnings, I knew by reading this book i would give me the strength and strategy to move forward in life.

When i was growing up, the only resource was the library and now we have all these amazing resources at our finger tips. From podcasts, articles and iTunes, information is only a tap away.

From that moment on, i continue to read books that i can learn from peoples knowledge and experiences. Listen to peoples podcasts and regularly watch YouTube.

Lasting change - and good change - takes time. Changing your mindset takes time.

Reading is one of the best ways to learn and reflect. Reading is also the best way to challenge your thinking.

From humble beginnings, i was taught you had to be a certain person to get what you want.

But what they don’t tell you is that you can become the person you want to be with unadulterated hard work.

No fluff - just a lot of sweat and frankly some tears.

With curiosity, patience and persistence, life can slowly evolve into something you have always wanted.

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