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How to Deal with Resistance

Life is hard enough it is without the support in your life. We enjoy the company of friends and family and we have something else on the horizon.

You dream of a better job. You dream of better prospects. You dream of more success. You dream of more happiness.

We listen and watch people who inspire us. And we are liberated when we see someone fulfil their dreams.

The popularity of reality shows are people chasing and achieving their goals and dreams, Whether if its losing weight, winning their ‘man of their dreams’ or conquering Masterchef.

We watch these shows because we enjoy following their journey and a little bit - or a lot - of us are inspired by their dedication, passion and joy.

Then suddenly the idea floats in your head. Maybe i could achieve my dreams. Maybe achieving my goals is around the corner.

And so we commit some time to research, practicing and going to classes. But then there is that voice, “Why are you doing that for?”

And there is that question.

For many people who decide to go on the unbeaten path, it is a hard question that we feel like we need to justify our actions.

The ‘other’ people don’t understand why you would do anything else different. They can be family, friends or workmates.

You might tell them about your weekend and they don’t understand why you would go to classes or work on the weekend.

My response, “Because i love it.”

After travelling the world, i have gone far and beyond trying to justify my actions to every one i meet. And more importantly, why should i impress every one i meet.

But what i have learnt is to distance myself from those who don’t respect my goals. Or support my journey.

I realised there is a difference between respect and support. By showing respect is someone acknowledging your efforts and happy you are happy.

By showing support is someone who cheers you on and helps you with constructive thinking.

I found that achieving your goals and stepping into your dreams is so much harder when people don’t respect what you do or support your journey.

The problem with resistance is that we don’t know if people are trying to stop you from achieving your goals because of their insecurity - or if they are trying to protect you from the unknown.

This is a decision you have to make for yourself.

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