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5 Ways to Boost your Day

When your morning routine becomes your routine *state the obvious* we are oblivious to what we are doing.

We walk through our morning just doing what we need to do to start our day.

I realised the pivotal moments to having a good (and lasting) day is the way we treat our mornings.

My mornings wasn’t particularly out of the ordinary but I was confused why i walked through my mornings without a grudge and others seem to have a painful time getting out of bed.

So here are five small actions in my morning routine:

1. Don’t press the snooze button. I felt like one of the biggest culprits back in the day. Another 10 minutes. Another 5 minutes. But I read that there is a chemical in our bodies that makes us more drowsy, the longer we postpone our natural waking times.

It may be small but it will affect your energy levels for the rest of the day. So as soon as your eyes open. Don’t. Go. Back. To. Sleep. Better to leave the eyes open and have a little bit of a stretch. Trust me.

2. Leave an extra buffer in your daily routine; usually about 30 minutes. It’s just a nice buffer to make sure you have everything in order. Phone. Mobile. Wallet. Glasses. To-do list. Book. Double check. No room for stress during the day and this just means you optimise your time.

3. Plan your meals and food for the next three to five days. My must-have staples are bread, pasta and rice in store always. I love my carbohydrates but it depends on your body.

When you get up in the morning, you shouldn’t be thinking about what to eat. And there are occasions when we deserve a breakfast treat but on a regular basis, eating should be a no-brainer.

After many conversations with other people, i learnt that not only does our body react differently to different foods. But the reaction doesn’t necessarily create the same response in another person. Like our fingerprint, I believe our body is not the same as the next person.

Figuring out what your body needs is the beauty of finding how your body works. The first step to creating a diet that works for you.

4. Walk at least 15 minutes. Or step it up by going for a morning run. Moving your body creates energy through the body and encourages mental clarity.

Get a good dose of fresh air in the morning and always go where there is more trees. More trees release more oxygen in the air. And if you are lucky to live near park, take advantage of the sweet space to connect with nature.

5. Always be grateful. Ok I am going to get really corny in this moment so a little bit of warning. I always try to make my first thought a positive one. I do not repeatedly think the day is going to be chore. I take a moment to recognise anything can happen in the day whether good or bad but always for a purpose.

I’m not saying I am perfect but those rare occasions when I do, I can guarantee my day is going to be s***t! But it does take time to naturally gravitate to a positive mindset. But it’s worth the time. 15 minutes can change your whole day.

So there are the five simple ways to start your day. And yes, they are simple but the question is: Can it be done?

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