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What is Cryotherapy?

A week ago, i booked into a cyrotherapy session to investigate the effects to the body. While I generally keep my body in good shape with exercise and a good diet, its natural for our body to go through wear and tear from physical hard work.

Cryotherapy session is a full body session where the body enters sub-zero temperatures as low as -110 degrees in a three-four minute session. The extreme cold temperatures trigger physiological and physical responses in the body.

The blood rushes back to flow through the body, once the body reaches back to normal temperatures. The method has been known to encourage muscle repair, reduce chronic pain and inflammation.

Walking towards the glass cubicle in my fluffy robe was the opposite comfort experience before i was slammed with ice-cold temperatures.

While i heard cryotherapy is used for many athletes and high performing individuals, i had no idea what to expect.

My running capabilities kicked into gear when the air restrictions in the cubicle was equal to a full twenty minute run. Not for the faint hearted.

I have tried many therapies to get my body to feel at its optimum level including remedial massage, Chinese massage, Swiss massage, acupuncture, kinesiology and Chinese cupping sessions.

Chinese cupping method has similar effects but without the possible circular marks on the body and a little less painful.

But those ready to take the plunge, the effects are astronomical. It is a complete session to improve your physical health, mental clarity and and recovery.

The effects of cryotherapy works at a cellular level to make your body stronger through natural techniques and the effects are instant.

According to Medical News Today, other beneficial effects include:

- reduce anxiety and depression

- treating migraine headaches

- reduce the risk of dementia

- improve symptoms of eczema

If you are on the search for better physical treatment, this is definitely worth the effort.

Please discuss with your doctor before treatment.

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