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How Body Mindset affects your weight?

There is a belief when you are grateful for what you have, the more you will receive.

I believe the body works in the same dimension. Whether if its losing weight or training for a marathon, your mindset about your body controls what you do. Some people are happy to stay in a size 10-12 . Some people want to run 10km under one hour.

The difference between the two comparisons is how these two people think differently about their body.

For example, an Olympic athlete will put their body as a high priority. They will be thinking about what they eat, when to eat, when to exercise, how much to exercise and what type of exercise. Along with balancing their social lives and their focus.

But what is the core difference that is separating the two extremes?

The core difference is how much appreciation they have for their body. I will have to admit i have been through many stages of eating habits. I have had the young phase of eating junk food whenever i could. Then my diet started to stabilise but I still ate a little too much sugar.

And all of these habits amounted to one thing: how i thought about my body.

By my mid 20’s, i knew my body would take a turn from nutritional neglect. From how i feel today to how i was feeling then, my energy and life has changed threefold. Ironically, by focusing on the things ‘i didn’t have time for’ primarily exercise, I fuelled my energy for all the other things i wanted to achieve.

Back then, it would have sounded paradoxical. But when i realised i was looking after my body and my mind, my clarity about what i wanted and how i wanted to achieve my goals was so much easier.

Exercise is often referred to as the ‘should’ category. The doctor says i should exercise. The faces of magazines tell you, you should be skinny. Body figures on film and television say you should look a certain size. Social media tells you, you should wear this make up and this type of clothes. But all of these ‘should’s’ are just outside forces trying to change who you are.

Your body should not reflect what people expect you to be. Your body should not be a piece of property. Your body is a vessel that not only carries organs, skin and bones. Your body is the instrument that allows you to achieve what the heart and mind desires.

With every moment and every day we invest our time, our efforts will be returned. And while, we can’t physically see the effects of exercise and good eating instantly. We can feel the difference over time.

There are some people who don’t know where to start. And the best way to begin is to start looking after your body and the rest will follow.

So when you feel like you are a little lost on your health, start appreciating your body. It helps you move through life. When you feed the body the right things and when your body is moving, this awesome energy will ripple through your life.

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