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The Day i Liked Salad

It was a turning point in my diet: the day i like salad. Once upon a time, i stayed away from the green natural stuff. It just wasn’t my thing at the time. I was too cool for salad. But one day, i woke up and the green stuff wasn’t too bad. Nowadays, my meals with salad are as normal as fries with a burger.

So why should we eat salad?

Besides the typical doctor diagnosis, that it’s good for you. Its the equivalent of your mother saying to make your bed. You know it has to be done but the question is why?

I will give you the simple version of why salad is great. The feeling of eating healthy is just as potent as a can of red bull without the preservatives. Without the sugar. Without the caffeine.

All the vitamins, minerals and nutrients are hiding in your local salad waiting to do natures work. For most of us, eating processed foods is just the normal way of eating. It is convenient, tasty and simple to choose.

But all of those preservatives, sugars and added nasties causes our body to work constantly. It means our body is taking longer to process foods that don’t have the good stuff our body needs to work.

We are eating ‘empty’ foods that seem tasty but have no nutritional value. Our tastebuds are saying yes. But our body is going no.

We are getting our quick buzz on our tastebuds but our stomachs will still be craving more food to make up for the nutrients we aren’t eating.

And while the results to healthy aren’t instant, a two to four week detox will get those nasties out of your system and let your body start refreshed. It is never too late to eat healthy.

We don’t have to wait till old age when our doctor says we have to eat healthy. Eating healthy will give you more energy and vitality than any teenager graduating from high school.

Salad also helps us with our water intake. Some the easiest ways to solve a headache, bad breath or fatigue is to drink more water. 70% of our bodies are made out of water.

While its preferable to drink litres of water, sometimes its just not do-able. For those people who find it hard to drink their regular dose of water, salad is great to munch your way into the good water zone.

Salad has become a part of my meal even where they shouldn’t be. Italians will be very upset if they knew i put kale in my pasta.

But its that easy. Add salad where it shouldn’t be. Have salad on the side of your office desk. Next thing you know, you will be wondering how salad wandered into your life.

That was the day i liked salad.

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