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The Last Chapter

Epic moments are the times when you realise your life has changed forever. After leaving my hometown, my personal mission was to explore every creative curiosity. Along the way, i created a better version of me. I learnt that life is not about just trying to make it through the tough times. Life is about thriving in the moment. Looking at an opportunity and taking every opportunity. I learnt that life doesn’t just hand you the good things. For good things to happen, you need to work and invest your time.

Like Alice in Wonderland, i went down the rabbit hole with curiosity finding unusual things and different paths. I realised holding on to the belief that creativity is a waste time stopped me from achieving my own true fulfilment. And while it doesn’t look like the typical success pattern, isn’t fulfilment and joy worth the journey?

The purpose of this chapter is not to force creativity upon you. The point is to figure out what you want to do in your life. If you are there, great. But I have a hunch there might be something else, you might want to accomplish.

For every moment where I gave it try. For every moment where i took the shot. For every moment i just showed up. These moments gathered into a collective of moments. Not only building the mental and physical muscles, but also the confidence to achieve my goals and building my own deserve levels.

While I started with two left feet in dance classes, i can now complete a dance routine in class. While i have fallen so many times on my yoga mat, I still get up and hold my pose. While i once suffered from stage fright, I can now be poised and perform on stage. If you conquer your fears, you can achieve anything.

I once believed creativity is a waste of time. And now I write these words to express my thoughts and feelings in the hope that i have touched one person. In the hope that someone will achieve something they have always wanted to do.

This is an exempt from my short memoir 'Becoming Me.' Coming soon.

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