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My Ugly truth about Shopping

You are probably wondering what shopping has to do about body and mind. Well, everything.

My shopping expeditions every weekend was about how i treated my body and mind. While i do enjoy the occasional spontaneous shopping, i use to go shopping every weekend.

It was creating a hole in my budget and saving was a chore.

But one day i went to a seminar talking about the importance of values. I learnt that what i was doing in my daily life actually reflected my true values.

So really… i did not value wealth. I did not value saving. I did not value my future self. Good golly, this can’t be true.

My shopping was how i tried to cope with my inner self esteem. It made me feel wealthy. It made me feel like i had money. But in actual fact, i was breaking even.

It has taken me a long time to get here. A good five years without consistent shopping over each weekend.

Shopping was a passive way to make me feel important. The little voice saying “Look, i can afford all these things.” But the feeling disappeared quickly.

I was buying clothes to make myself feel and look better on the outside. But i was spending little time and money on the inside.

Instead of gaining clothes and material stuff, i used my mental and physical energy into experiences that inspired and fulfilled me.

My life has changed since my shopping habits has changed. It made me look at money in a different way. It also changed how i thought about myself.

I learnt the best way to spend your money is to invest in yourself. And i started to educate myself, explore every creative avenue and created experiences.

With the extra time and money, i started become more active, healthier and happier.

And now my mind and my body is not aimlessly wandering the shopping malls looking for the next buzz.

I put my cash into things that matter the most to me. I realised getting rid of one bad habit can change your life.

When i slowly got rid of one habit, i started to gain more fulfilling habits.

When you get rid of a time-consuming and money wasting habit, managing money is easier.

So can you subtract one time-consuming and money wasting habit from your daily life?

Trying to break a habit?

See how we can help @bodymindsesh

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