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The power of Thank You

Two words. Thank you.

One of the most underdog of words in the english language.

While we are told that saying thank you is being polite. How and how much you say these words will ultimately affect the quality of your life.

When you say these words with honesty and sincerity, the universe can work in mysterious ways.

The words ‘thank you’ can create and build a relationship with people and the community.

Living in the big cities we can sometimes forget our manners and get caught up in the crowd. But by giving the time to be patient and forgiving can go a long way especially during the crazy season.

Small thank you’s can cause a ripple affect - not only in your life - but throughout the community. There has been countless times where the kindness of strangers has changed my day.

The French man who eagerly tried to give me directions for five minutes in French - not knowing i didn’t understand a word he said.

Or the friendly girl making my latte in the morning: thank you for the caffeine and the smiley face in the morning.

From poverty stricken areas to one of the most expensive suburbs in the city.

From quaint villages in France to the nitty gritty of London, the contrast of happiness and prosperity came down to the foundation of gratitude.

More gratitude leads to more blessings. More gratitude leads to more opportunities.

There are moments and places where i have been - and never dreamt to be - and just stopped and appreciated the moment.

I thanked myself for saving for years for my first trip to Europe in younger years. I thanked myself for venturing alone and facing my fears. I thanked myself for living and leading my own path.

I continue to be grateful for every new moment and every extraordinary person i met.

But I am also grateful for the bad events in my life.


The bad events in my life have also created the person i am today. Those moments create my strength and character.

The bad people in my life show me who i don’t want to be. The very things that you dislike can become your greatest strength.

So thank you for the bad moments. The moments for me to learn about myself and other people. And sometimes learn to distance myself from certain situations.

No matter where it comes from, it can come in any shape or form. Big or small. Bad or good. Every moment counts.

Say thank you.

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