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The Superfood: Beetroot


The superfood that athletes and health professionals have been keeping a secret is this powerful vegetable.

A glass of beetroot juice has become a part of my food routine.

A heavier juice compared to other juices but has all the punch and nutritional value than most fruit and vegetables.

Athletes have been known to drink beetroot juice to improve athletic performance and improve blood flow.

The improved flow of blood cells allow cells to breathe new life faster and leaving the body with more energy and vitality.

Instead of a sweet treat for my afternoon pick up, beetroot juice has become a favourite healthy pick me up.

When feeling sluggish, beetroot juice is a great drink. There are nutrients to increase your metabolism while also reducing the risk of obesity. And the domino effect includes reducing the risk of diabetes, heart disease, cancer and cardiovascular disease.

The high nitrate levels in beetroot boosts the level of oxygenation in the brain which leads to improved focus and memory. The higher levels of brain function improves better muscle movement and quality of sleep.

When the body is responding to this new way of ‘thinking’, the effects of old age seem to be less reactive. Lower blood pressure and less chances of dementia are part of those outcomes.

While the beetroot is doing its work to keep your body and mind in tip top shape, the minerals will also revitalise healthier skin and hair. Healthy insides will start beaming outward.

Keep in mind, drinking ten litres of beetroot juice won’t solve every health issue. Everything in moderation.

So it’s time to welcome ‘beetroot’ to come on over as a champion superfood.

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