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The importance of Good Sleep

Most people know good exercise and good food keeps you healthy and your daily life full of vitality. Though, the importance of good sleep is just as important to keep our bodies eco system balanced.

Good sleep is necessary for our physical and mental health. It helps our mind with clarity and focus throughout the day and keeps our body properly recharged for the day ahead.

The necessary recharge for our bodies to physically rest, repair and rejuvenate our blood vessels and our heart. When our bodies cannot relieve from stress or physical activity, it can increase the chances of anxiety and depression. And, we are more likely to age faster.

Physical health benefits include reducing the risk of heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and diabetes. The action of sleep also helps with stabilising our hormones and controls our metabolic rates. By stabilising our metabolism, it also controls how hungry we are throughout the day.

When our sleep is directly affecting how much we eat, it also means the lack of sleep will lead to more unhealthy foods in our diet. And the pattern of insomnia and unhealthy eating will lead to a path of obesity.

Our mind throughout the day - subconsciously or not - is recording every single moment we have in the day. By getting enough sleep, it helps our minds to cope with the constant stream of information we receive through our five senses.

In most peoples day, there is barely a moment where we are not consumed by peoples’ conversation, work matters or family issues. We are constantly bombarded with messages from the media, advertising and the news.

Culturally, we have learnt to consume information all the time. Sleep is necessary not only for our bodies to rest but also our minds to refresh from working hard throughout the day. Our brain naturally organises and stores memories when we go to sleep.

Extreme tiredness can also lead to dangerous situations. Scientists states that driving in extreme exhaustion is worse that driving drunk. Public authorities have also taken notice that driving tired is just as bad as drink driving and causing accidents on our streets.

In the book, Thrive by Ariana Huffington explained how her extreme exhaustion lead her to faint and hit her head on a desk into unconsciousness. In business, sleep deprivation has turned into a badge of honour.

Depending on a persons' age medical reports have recommend between 7 to 9 hours of sleep a day. Removing laptops and televisions can improve your sleep as well as turning off mobile phones. From the lights of our laptops, our brain unconsciously thinks it is still daylight. So it is also good to stay away from the screen before we sleep.

When we get enough sleep, our mood and mentality can be improved dramatically. Feeling refreshed and focused allows our upbeat persona to shine through and flow throughout our personal and professional lives.

When we change a simple component in our everyday lives, we can become a better improved version of ourselves.

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