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Why Women need to Speak up

After the US election, the world had a scary realisation. When you are female with years of experience and qualifications compared to a male candidate, you can still lose. We heard the talks of sexual assault is ‘locker room’ talk and racism is acceptable in politics and yet the man won.

How could this happen? Why did happen? And why is it still not an issue?

There has been too many claims from women that are swept under the rug and ignored. It happens at work, on the street and even in peoples homes. Women are boxed into certain expectations that are impossible to meet.

Have a great partner and kids, the job and a great home life is one of those expectations. We talk about work and life balance but is that possible?

There is always something we compromise. Going to work but not being there for your child. A great relationship with your partner but not getting ahead at work starts to begin. Or your business is growing exponentially but a social life is non-existent.

The cultural standards of women is the capability to anything and everything. While it sounds great, it is placing unnecessary pressure for everyday women. But isn’t what feminism is all about?


Feminism is about women having the freedom to choose how they want to live their lives. And sadly, women still subject other women to these impossible standards of having a great family life as well as a great and successful work life.

These standards are culturally and socially accepted and yet we don’t question it. And that is where the problem lies. As women we don’t question enough. Many women believe the hard work is done for gender equality but the truth is it not.

Even women in Hollywood who are admired and successful are subjected to harassment and assault. Over the last year, the media reports of musicians such as Keisha and Taylor Swift speak out against sexual harassment. Media mogul and producer Harvey Weinstein has been reported to sexually harassing and assaulting dozens of actresses in the movie industry.

The gender pay gap issue is also spreading in awareness. Statistics say that most women are getting paid 15% less than their male counterparts. Question? Why are men getting paid more for doing the same job as a woman?

As women we need to talk about the hard stuff. When we talk about the issue, people will understand it is not happening to a small group of people. It is a collective and massive issue affecting millions of women all over the world.

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