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How I (nearly) said goodbye to meat

If someone had told me two years ago, i would be eating meat about once a week, I would have laughed. At the time, i was a self professed carnivore.

My childhood revolved around eating meat at barbecues, social gatherings and family dinner. It was without question meat would be there. While it was natural for me to have meat at every meal, I did not realise how meat was affecting my body.

After a two month detox of not eating meat, i had a surge of energy that i never had before. I felt lighter, less hungry and my mood was consistently more positive.

I started buying more fresh fruit and vegetables which also meant a little more cash in my pocket. Over the last couple months, my body started to crave natural foods and ended up eating less processed foods with sugar. My body was reacting positively to the new change of diet.

The internal energy required to process meat in your body is time consuming. The body can actually heal itself if we allow enough time. When there is less time for the body to digest food, the more time the body can heal itself.

And how did i stop eating meat from everyday of the week to about once a week?

My first point of inspiration came from watching food documentaries. There are several documentaries worthy of watching including Cowspiracy and Food Inc. that show the behind-the-scenes of the meat industry. I found the scenes horrifying and i knew i didn’t want to support mass production.

Back in the day, animals were slaughtered by hand. In the modern day, animals are slaughtered by machine. When we see meat, it is nicely packaged for the consumer but the humanisation of animals is taken away.

Kosher and halal meats are based on the principle that animals are slaughtered in a respectful way. In supermarkets, we treat animals like a commodity - to be only used and taken away. We can take for granted that an animal has given their life for people to eat.

We are so segregated into suburban and urban cities that we don’t question how food is processed or made.

By looking a little deeper to what is actually happening, i was able to reset my eating habits. I replaced red meat and chicken with more fish in my diet. And the great thing about eating fish, it is really easy to cook and there is less time for cleaning.

I can understand eating meat once a week might be too much. One or two days a week without meat is a good start.

Of course, if you have any dietary requirements, please check in with your doctor.

All in all. Less meat is good. I have more energy, more time, got more in my pocket and feel healthier than ever before.

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