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How important is your gut

The term ‘gut instinct’ is used to describe your intuition. A hunch. A feeling.

An undeniable sense that you should go into a certain direction without explanation or reasoning.

While there is no explanation how our hunches can be our best point of direction, many successful people have used their instincts to make the right decision.

Research has indicated the level of control we have through our conscious minds can help us into our subconscious minds.

Mantras and visualisations help us connect with our conscious minds and guide our subconscious minds into knowing. The idea behind visualisations is the alignment between our thoughts and our feelings to create a goal into fruition.

While there a number of cynics out there that will convince you that it doesn’t exist. Some of the most successful and wealthiest people use visualisations and mantras to guide their mental state and guide their values that day.

While the sensation of a ‘gut feeling’ can help with decisions, then isn’t possible the gut is also a powerful machine that controls the dynamics of every cell in our own body?

While we know food is a source of energy, scientists have also referred the literal gut - the stomach - to be the third brain.

The foods we are eating are generating an environment based on the proteins, carbohydrates, fats, minerals and vitamins we consume everyday.

While the obvious outcome may show in our weight, it can also control our immune system, energy levels, digestion system, regulation of blood and insulin levels and lower the chances of depression and cardiovascular disease.

Some scientists believe that diseases originate from how healthy our gut operates so hence why the phrase ‘we are what we eat’.

Personally, I have jumped from eating red meat or chicken everyday to being close to vegetarian; which some would call a pescatarian, a person who does not eat meat but fish.

And from experience, my energy levels and clarity through out the day is consistently better than those meat eating days. The body takes a lot of energy to process red meat and chicken which means less time for the body to heal itself.

We humans may forget that the body is a self regulating organism but what we feed our body - and our minds - will control how we operate.

And the foods we eat will control our serotonin levels in our brains which are the chemicals that drive our mood levels. Generally people who eat more processed foods and junk food are more likely to be obese and depressed.

So let’s break it down - what we eat controls our brain, our mood and how our body operates.

And in the long term, how our genes react to the built up of the foods we eat daily.

So maybe it is time to be more aware of what foods we are eating every day. If the foods we eat affect our mind and body then the capacity we live our lives is dependant on what we eat daily.

So is your mind and body working at maximum potential?

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