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The Battle with the head and heart

There comes a moment in our lives where we have to choose between two different paths.

Unfortunately sometimes these options are not crystal clear and we have this internal battle.

The options can be two great opportunities and we can’t decide what works best for us.

Or they are two options that are both not-so-great options and we try to choose one that creates lets drama.

Or an even harder battle when we know what choice to make but the pressure from other people can make us uncomfortable.

So what do we do? Or how do we make the choice?

Firstly don’t base your decision on someone else’s judgement. Because in the end, you will be blaming them for the outcome. It is great to get another opinion but making a decision because someone said so is not a good start.

Though, if your partner and kids are affected, how can they get involved or what steps are needed to ensure their needs are also satisfied.

Secondly, what do you want in this moment. A question that you asked me now compared to five years ago would create a completely different response. And sometimes we forget what we want.

Or we evolve into somebody else who wants different things and we have not realised it yet.

Weighing out the pros and cons can helpful but what is good for us might not be the answer we are looking for. If you are choosing an option because its easy and familiar, it is probably not the right option. We need to figure out what we value the most and what option will fulfil most of our values.

While time away can be a luxury we can’t afford - a quick getaway, a massage or regular meditation can do wonders to clear the mind. And time to stop thinking about the problem can be the best method to figuring out what you want.

When the rational mind seems to win the argument, would you be satisfied with the decision? Will the outcome outweigh the negatives? But sometimes the outcomes don’t have monetary advantages or public recognition.

The sense of fulfilment and satisfaction can drive a persons sense of achievement through their own will. And that can be the dilemma a person can face. What we feel is right can sometimes go against the grain of what is accepted and expected in life.

The question is can you tell the difference between what you truly want to what is expected in your everyday life. And that is a hard decision to make everyday.

It starts when we are young and we grow up to have these ideas what it is to be happy and successful. We can get caught up in the rat race and we forget the things that bring us passion and vitality in our lives.

So are you living the life you want?

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