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How is body image affecting who we are

Most girls have a negative body image. It is a common problem amongst women. Statistics show that more than 90% of women aren’t happy with their body.

But what is more concerning that having a negative body image affects how we see ourselves in the world.

The messages we receive that people - particularly women - should look and be a certain way to achieve happiness and success.

The right make up. The right clothes. The ‘right’ friends and the ‘right’ personality. A world that pushes us to be this type of person versus another type of the person.

There is unbelievably high expectations for how women should be before they can achieve success. And if you happen to be part of a minority group, the harder the climb is to success.

After going to the hairdressers, i received some attention at work. While compliments are nice, it became extremely uncomfortable knowing how i looked caused more attention compared to say, my results and commitment at work.

I got this sick feeling. Is this how the world is setting their standards for approval and praise? From the way, i looked on a certain day.

When a highly talented and successful woman is interviewed, do we really need to know what clothes she wears or what her daily makeup regime is? Do you think thats what makes a woman successful?

While personal presentation can show a persons personality, shouldn’t there be a priority of values? Does it not overshadow the very achievements that makes someone successful and talented? Does it not discount a persons hard work, resilience and commitment to their skills?

But more importantly are most women stopping themselves because they don’t look a certain way?

These limiting beliefs and other false beliefs such as skinny is healthy or skinny will bring happiness is a dangerous fictional story that doesn’t serve the good in ourselves and the people around us.

Some people may believe they will gain happiness when they lose weight. Some people believe they can gain happiness by buying the ‘right’ clothes and hanging out at the ‘right’ places.

But these false beliefs and generalisations are creating false sense of achievement and direction. Positive body image is a result of self-respect and a good amount of exercise.

A positive self image allows us to accept ourselves with our flaws and weaknesses. A healthy dose of self respect allows us to say to the world “i accept myself no matter what size.”

When there is more self acceptance, there is less anxiety and pressure to be a certain size or a certain look.

The journey to self acceptance takes time and patience. And no matter what size we are, we are all worthy of

respect and love.

The more we honour ourselves, the more peace and acceptance we will see in others and ourselves.

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