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How time reveals our true selves


We can get caught up in what we should be and what we shouldn’t be doing. We can worry too much about missing out or doing something wrong and time is against us.

Everyone has twenty four hours and how we organise our time is how life starts to play out.

The way we manage our time is a way to respect our own time and also the people in our lives.

The choice to have more time to exercise. More time with the family. More time for work projects. More time for recreational activities. Or more time for creative endeavours.

But the more demands from every part of our lives can lead to a demanding and an exhausting life.

There are two options. Simplify the options in your life. Or arranging your time to satisfy your commitments.

It can feel like we are pulled in this direction and pushed in that direction. Though we have to take a stand for what we believe is important to us.

As we get older, we grow a little wiser and understand what is important to us.

Over time, our true selves start to shine through without apology.

Sometimes our true selves are not who we thought we would be. When we compare the idea of who we thought we would be to our current selves, there is a chance of sadness, disappointment or confusion.

But understanding that life is not a simple journey. There are twists and turns. There are battles and celebrations that sculpt every decision.

Those experiences curve every ounce of our soul. The narratives that we tell ourselves shape our perspective about every situation that happens in our lives.

Many people take time for granted. We can tell ourselves that we will do it tomorrow. Or we don’t feel like it. But the very moment that passes is the very moment we need to take charge and make the most of life.

In the very moment we are choosing who we want to be. There is no denying that the actions we choose are the very ones that build our character in our own story.

While consciously or not, we are building our own fate. And time is the only true measure of the paths we choose to take through the journey.

So take a moment. Be conscious. Do my decisions really reflect the person who i want to be?

Just follow your heart. The heart will reveal your true self.

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