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When there are no words...

….just write how you feel. Just write the thoughts in your head. The wild. The weird. The wonderful.

The collection of words create and form the ideas of your world where no person has been. And sometimes these words are said out aloud and sometimes never to be heard ever again. Why does the words we write and say out aloud hold so much significance?

As a human being, we collect information from the things we have seen to the situations we have experienced.

The act of writing allows us to process events that we might have not realised. The beliefs that might be hiding. Good or bad beliefs might hide our potential.

We unconsciously play out these beliefs in our lives and whether we realise it or not, they become our reality.

Writing gives us a moment to pause and reflect on the moments that are happening in our lives. We start to put bad things in perspective. A petty argument about who pushed in line. Is it really something to worry about?

Writing is also a way of exploring our dreams and goals. The first step to any achievement is to write down a goal. The fears. The challenges, The ups. The downs, The celebrations. The successes. Let imagination take the seat to where you want to be whether big or small. Our inner motivations will push forward to do the very things that we need to do to move forward.

And if you have never practised writing or see the purpose of journalling, the more interesting it becomes over time. Even those surreal moments, writing keeps my feet on the ground and i realise i am as human as the next person. The achievements and success represent the sheer hard work, determination and faith of extraordinary people.

A collection of moments can represent the times in life where moments were good, bad and downright ugly. But either way, it is a way to honour my experiences. And i thank those times of clarity because i believed something better was along my path.

I admit there has been some very dark moments in my life but there has also been extraordinary moments. And in actual fact, those extraordinary moments have sprouted from these very bad moments.

Somehow the act of writing allows the poison of pain to be slowly drawn out on the pages. When the words are too scary to say out aloud or the fear of being judged by how we feel, writing is a safe place to express and process.

And if you are scared of the words written on the page, safely burn those pages and let the emotions go.

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