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How do you create a goal?

Do you know that more than 90% of people don’t write down their goals?

The problem with not writing goals down is that they are merely thoughts.

I have thoughts about abseiling down my office building or opening an alarmed emergency exit door whilst in a a full capacity event, does not mean i have any intention in doing so.

The power of writing goals is the first small step in stepping forward and accepting the challenge.

The act of thought, movement and spirit coming together to recognising that one intention.

Though - for some people - there is a fear of writing goals down. Why?

Because the realisation - and proof - that once we recognised a goal and not achieve it down the track, it is seen as more disappointing than not writing the goal itself.

I learnt from an early age, just writing a goal has power. After a powerful workshop, i wrote down eight goals and a progression of steps i wanted to achieve in two years. I completed six of those can’t-believe-it goals.

Of course, there is a formula in writing goals.

Firstly it needs to be a specific and a realistic goal with a timeframe. For example, i want to lost 10 kilograms in two months is more specific than i want to lose weight.

A statement like 'i want a body like Kendall Jenner or The Rock' is unrealistic. It is not going to happen. While it can be great to model someone you admire, it can cause more disappointment.

We are unique in our own right and using goals to compare to others is going to affect our self esteem.

The goal also needs to be measurable. After one week, how much have you lost? How much have you eaten? How much are you exercising?

Those questions are better than waiting for two months and realise you didn’t lose any weight..

Trial and error. Back and forth. Any goal worth striving for is going to need strength and courage. And it’s not going to be easy.

The best achievements are the ones you have to work hard and fight for.

Did you know J.K. Rowling was rejected by 12 different publishers before getting Harry Potter published?

Or Steve Jobs got fired from a company he created and then creating another establishment like Pixar?

Or instead of firing Oprah Winfrey as a journalist, they gave her a television show which directed her onto undeniable successes.

So what are you waiting for? Write those goals down and the six steps to achieve them.

All you need is pen and paper.

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