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Why do we break our promises?

We have all broken a promise. Big and small. Intentionally or not. It has happened.

A promise can be made to someone we love. Someone at work. Someone we happen to cross by.

And of course, the promises we make to ourselves.

The goals and the intentions that we will do something or achieve something happens every day in our lives.

In the moment, we have every intention. We cannot see an intention as a lie because we believe our intention is true. And when the moment comes we can quickly deny the declaration as if it never occurred.

But the question is why do we break promises to others? Why do we break promises to ourselves?

We make promises all day every day. From starting to exercise, going on a diet and just being on time can be a mammoth effort.

We declare our intention. We think about it. We may try or we may not. And with every ounce of our mind and spirit we say, I won’t do that again. And who can deny the most popular day to make promises to ourselves. New years day.

Throughout the years, i have removed the act of new years resolutions. Heck, I was making goals once a year and usually they were not even realistic or measurable. So i banished them. You are probably thinking. Yes! Get rid of goals. Not exactly.

First i figured out why i was making these goals. Lose weight, more money, new job…. wait a second. It sounds more like the headlines of a fresh summer glossy womens magazine.

We promise ourselves its going to be the best year yet and we will not repeat the mistakes of last years. We have 12 months. Go.

But most people have not been taught how to break down those goals. Set intention once. Done. Though its definitely not that easy. We need to first figure out why we need to fulfil this goal.

To be happy.

To get more money.

Well i can tell you, more money does not necessarily mean happiness. More freedom, yes. But not happiness.

These are quick fixes and ideals. The quick fixes also goes for the take away food because we can not be bothered to cook. The unexpected clothes we bought with our credit card because we just have to have it. Or the amounts of food that we don’t even realise we are eating to make ourselves feel better.

The underlying beliefs running in the mind means we are trying to make ourselves feel better now. And not for the long term whether it be six to twelve months or three years ahead.

And this can also include how we act with money. We can get our pay check and feel grand when we are spending it. But what happens when you can’t go on that holiday, buy a new car or grow your investments.

We have to think. What are our priorities? Are we willing to forgo the short term benefits for the long term?

Sign up for the sequel: How to create a goal? And what to do with it?

And stay tuned to how you can change your values.

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