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Bored? Four ways to get Inspired

I remember those days. Those days staring at a computer from nine to five. Waiting for the clock to hit over.

Those days where most days seem to roll over into another. Looking like the same day. Yesterday. Today. And the expected tomorrow. The problem with this dilemma is that we become use to the monogamous behaviour that we lose our curiosity. And when we lose the act of learning we can lose our sense of fulfilment.

Over time, my ability to learn was directly connected to how fulfilled i felt about my life. Learning something new everyday became a factor in my level of happiness. Big or small. Or smaller steps into something big, always made me feel a sense of purpose.

At one stage, i thought it had to be big. It had to make a difference. But what better goal then just to make one person happy.

The saying goes “Only when you're full, I'm overflowing, my cup runneth over." How can we make others fulfilled when we are not fulfilled ourselves. So below are some ideas to give you inspiration.

Try a new recipe

The undeniable fact is - we all got to eat. So how about trying a new recipe. It could be an attempt to go gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan all in one recipe (btw if you have, well done!). Or it could be a family favourite that you haven’t got around to or maybe someone’s birthday around the corner and you have been keen to try to make that decadent cake.

The best thing about getting in the habit of trying new recipes is that it gives you the chance to check in with what you are really eating. Good for the mind, body and invite good company along.

Go somewhere you never been before

Over the weekend, visit a suburb you haven’t been before or the restaurant you have wanted to try. Or visit a local tourist spot which you haven’t got around to because its always been there for most of your life. And while it doesn’t need to be in another city or country, sometimes just heading to the other side of town can give you a whole other vibe and sometimes for the better.

If you happen to plan to go outside of the city, going for a long hike and spending time in the wilderness can help refresh the mind, body and spirit.

Scientists’ believe spending time with nature decreases the chance of disease and inflammation in the body. By just touching soil and plants sends through electrons that can improve your health.

Do something you have always wanted to do

Life is too short for regrets. There is no better time than the present. Learning a language, playing an instrument, dancing, boxing, marathon running, painting, tai chi, improvisation - the list is endless.

Years ago, i was stuck in a boring job but new to an awesome new city, i had to try something new. And so on my do-something-you-have-always-wanted-to-do items was performing. Cliche, yes. But never say never.

By the second year, I was accepted in a popular acting school and performed in a play. The amazing people i worked with in the moment and the confidence to tackle performing challenges - even when i have stage fright - gave me so much joy.

When spending time to do something for yourself that might not give you money, fame, glamour or the recognition from the people you know, just remember your happiness is worth a lot more.

Do something you haven’t done in a long time

Life can get a little busy and then we tend to stop the very things we love doing the most.

When we get busy, we are trying hard to keep up and get ahead. But forgetting to pause and appreciate what we already have, it increases the level of anxiety and depression and then complete burnout. The effects affect our personal well being as well as the people who are around us.

This is actually similar to do-something-you-have-always-wanted-to-do. The only difference is that we have forgotten to do them. Is there a favourite past time you haven’t done in a long time? Or a skill you wanted to keep practicing on?

I promised myself that i would not allow my life to be a carbon copy of someones life. And so, I hope you join me - or more importantly connect with yourself - to be more alive and joyful every day of your life.

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