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How to transition into the ‘new’ stage

Change and reflect on moving forward

The stages of moving from one stage to another can be an uncomfortable period. Not many people like to admit the fear of change can cause a level of anxiety, stress and discomfort.

The new job. The new house. The new partner. Or the new city can bring as much anxiety as excitement and joy.

Depending on how you cope with change, it can be extremely difficult to a mildly uncomfortable experience.

After moving and living in two different countries and cities, the realisation that your perception of change all depends on you.

At the start, fear can overwhelm you but when you conquer the fear, it can feel like the most exhilarating feeling. I found out so much about myself, the people around me and how a different new 'world' exists.

After the experience, the ‘knowing’ that whatever life throws at me, i would be able to create my own reality.

Over time, the techniques started to evolve and regularly used in my goal process (and that there were fancy words to go with them).

So here a three ways that can help you into the new phase of your life:

Mantras and Affirmations

The act of ‘affirming’ or reciting mantras is a way for the brain to accept an idea or belief. The idea of affirmations can feel very strange.

Repeating a series of words over and over again can seem repetitive, boring and pointless. But with persistence and reciting the right words with feeling can show great improvements over time.

The right choice of words are so important to how we process information. If your reaction to an affirmation is completely negative, your brain will not process the ideas as true.

For example, if a mantra is “I am the best” might not work for most people.

But if you changed the mantra to “I will become the best version of me” or “I am the best version of me” is more likely to cause positive changes in the long run.

Other techniques can include putting reminders in your phone, listening to music and reading a letter that has positive affirmations from a friend.

There are different sources that can help with different affirmations but creating your own is the best technique.

The tricky part of affirmations is that it needs to extend or change your own beliefs without it being completely unrealistic.

If you believe a mantra as your deepest core belief means the affirmation is too easy.

If you create a mantra that you could possibly *scrunched face* do in the future is a good sign that you are on the right path.


For the average person, it is also known as dreaming. In my earlier years, stuck in a boring job might have been the best thing for me.

My mind wondered aimlessly discovering my dreams and goals. From travelling the world, my ambitions of performing and the ‘ultimate’ job has all started from the ‘visualisation’ of the situation happening.

The psychology behind the act of visualisation - also known as dreaming - causes the brain to prepare for the action to be performed.

Studies have shown an experiment of a group of people who watched tennis compared to another group of people that practised tennis on the court.

With similar capabilities, the group of people who ‘watched’ tennis improved their swing more than those who practised on the court.

Well known athletes such as Serena Williams, James Le Bron and Tiger Woods have used this technique regularly to improve their performance.

The visualisation technique is not effective by itself but by practicing the action creates a progression in the body and mind.

The mind and body works together to create neural connections in the brain and make adjustments for improvement.

Find a mentor

Depending on your aspirations, finding a mentor can be the best move. If you are growing or creating a business or just wanting to move ahead in your career, an experienced person in the industry would help.

A mentor may be a person you admire or a group that provides support in your endeavours. They can provide guidance, support and networks that can be very useful for your own knowledge and confidence.

While there are some things that can only be experienced first hand, the benefit of having someone to not tell you but talk about their own experiences is a different learning experience.

A mentor can grow to be a companion and confidant. So treat that relationship as important as building your own experience.

And more importantly, make the change!

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