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3 ways to De-Stress and Detox your life

Detox is a great way to to cleanse yourself through body, mind and spirit.

While most people can relate the word ‘detox’ with how and what foods we eat, we can also detox our office space, personal space, relationships and how we spend our time.

By cleansing how we eat, who and how we interact with people and our environment, we can feel a lot more satisfied, fulfilled and happier with our daily lives.

So lets look into how we can ‘detox’ our lives:


Before we detox our bodies, we must firstly remove any food items that we haven’t eaten in the last couple of weeks including expired foods and fresh produce or food items that really shouldn’t be in your fridge or cupboard.

As a personal rule of thumb, i aim to have only one savoury and one sweet treat in my cupboard and fridge. I know when i am not looking after myself when those treats are gone before my staples (ladies - yes that time of the month).

While i hear the *gasps* in the atmosphere, give your body a break and TRY THIS for at LEAST FIVE to SEVEN days. The effects of eating unhealthy for long periods of time can make your body work into overdrive by only working to digest processed foods.

By eating fresh produce and unprocessed foods gives your body more time to heal itself. Do you think its a coincidence that more overweight people suffer from disease and lack of energy?

While this method won’t help you lose weight, it can be a starting point for more energy, clarity and focus. Though i have to warn you there may be side effects of headaches, irritability and hunger for a few days but its just your body adjusting to your new eating habits.

And of course, if there are any pre-existing medical conditions - consult your doctor.

Drink lots of water, eat plenty of fruit and vegetables and have a handful of dried nuts and fruits handy. And no meat products, no alcohol, no sugar and dairy products.

Remember - its only five to seven days. While we all know its not a permanent diet, it can affect how you eat in the future.

Trust the process.


According to studies, our workplaces, where we live and how we live affects how we feel about ourselves and how we lead our lives.

When our environments are supportive and stress free, we are able to maximise our potential through our relationships and work.

The first step is to simplify how we live by removing any items that we no longer use or need in the household. While that can be easier than it sounds, the question you need to ask is: Does this item serve a purpose for myself or others?

And if you are like me and a little too sentimental, try to have one or two items in a category such as childhood trinkets, work accolades or sporting memories.

Steve Jobs was rumoured to have only a mattress in his bedroom and wore the same type of clothes. Without a doubt, most people would not go that far but no one can deny his achievements through complete focus.

So get rid of old newspapers and magazines, old paperwork, the half-read book thats taken a year, old clothes, old hair and make up products and really bad decor choices.

And if you are really keen, a new fresh coat of paint and re-organising your furniture can feel like you have moved into a new place. A fresh batch of flowers doesn’t hurt either.

Every two to three months of a basic ’space’ detox can do wonders to how you feel at home and in the workplace.


While i know this is a very personal subject, so I will keep this one short. Are there any relationships in your life that does not ENERGISE you?

There is a saying - people come into your life for reason, season or lifetime - that is very TRUE to how we treat our relationships in our lives.

While i can admit that i have been in a relationship longer than i should have, it has taught me the importance to check in on how you feel about the person and how they make you feel.

The people that we grew up with may or may not be the people you hang out in the future. While some people can fear the criticisms of not being loyal, looking after your emotional well being is so important.

While i am not saying to ‘break-up’ the relationship - unless it is an abusive relationship - ensure you have personal boundaries or distance yourself from the person.

And if someone in your family - which can be the hardest to confront - let them know how you feel. And if they don’t respect how you feel, how much do you respect yourself?

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