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Forgiveness & Trust: Others or ourselves?

We are all expressions of the one thing. And that one thing is Life. For those who ever do feel a lack of self worth. I send you my unlimited universal love and compassion. And this is something you can always decide and give to yourself regardless of the external world.

Take responsibility if you feel you have been wronged by someone and know that wallowing in guilt and regret leaves you with few options to healing either yourself or the situation. When we feel wronged, we tend to think we need forgiveness from others but often we have to forgive ourselves.

Forgive ourselves for allowing poor behaviour into our lives and ignoring the 'signs' and intuition that told us things weren't right.

Forgive ourselves for all the negative doubts and inner turmoil we put ourselves through in response to the hurt and pain. When we feel hurt by others, do we continue and keep hurting ourselves?

Technically, we could all be like zen monks and not let anything from a small bug to a big catastrophe 'bother' us. When someone treats us badly, why does it hurt at all? Surely, it could not, if we already felt we were valuable? It is, of course, awful to have to give up a long term relationship even when they seem damaging. Though isn't the essential problem is that we allow peoples' reckless behaviour to continue to damage our self esteem,

Otherwise no matter how much we love someone, if they hurt us we would know we are already infinitely loved by life itself and there are many people out there to love us. We would move on and say 'adios'. And allow ourselves fair time to heal and honour the blessings of that relationship and be able to move into all the new loves, and great possible friendships and connections just waiting for us to pay attention to.

But so often, we get stuck on that one or few core people we feel hurt by and we're not open to others love. Why do we do this? Surely, if we expect to love and honour all friendships and connections, that this is the 'right' thing to do. But we must also understand, respect and love ourselves as a human being and a soul?

The problem can lie when we base our self-worth on how we were once treated growing up or even how we treat ourselves in the present day. It can be a really hard battle to win. You must see yourself as valuable simply because you are alive, living in a beautiful Universe. Just look at the beauty in nature and the sky at night and recognise your own beauty shining back at you.

To heal we need to honour our own truth, be open to learning and allow good intentions into our lives and our hearts. And protecting ourselves in a way that doesn't shut others out but merely recognises our own needs and intuition in any given situation. We are all as important as each other, every being on the planet; respecting ourselves is the cure for low self-worth.

"Because there isn't a brighter light than you 'out there'

The stars were born and made inside you, you can't compare

How can anyone be more important than you? They can't

And how can anyone be as precious as you? They aren't

There is no one out there more important than you,

So please, stop being, so under-confident..

Nobody recognises you until you do

And nobody knows how to love you quite like you do

So Give yourself all the love you can bring to bear,

And please, start being, your magnificent confidence"

By Jess Hieser - musician, actress and writer.

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