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10 Ways to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Nope. It's not cake.

By connecting with the little things we do in our everyday lives, we are able to ’space’ out our time into little meditation sessions.

Our emotions depends on how we feel about what we do and how we do things in our lives. Even the small acts of doing can become a state of peace and gratitude.

Below is a list of ways to tune out:

1. Use your morning routine to get yourself revved up for the day. If you wake up feeling stressed,

I guarantee you will be stressed for the rest of the day. Make an effort to mentally think about your day ahead and a few moments of gratitude before getting out of bed. It takes 5 mins.

2. When you’re taking a shower, brushing your teeth or putting make up on - take the time to be present. If you can’t stop thinking, read something positive or a list of daily to-do’s on your mirror.

3. For those early starters, I enjoy starting my day with a morning run.

Running can be a type of meditation and focus strategy, while increasing serotonin levels and also keep you fit. Or even dog walking can release stress.

4. Make the time to sit and have breakfast. Personally, all those times i didn’t have breakfast i was sure to have a bad day.

And taking the time gives you time to mentally prepare yourself for the day, spend more time with your family and gives you more energy for the day ahead.

5. Getting to work? Use the time wisely. Like the point above, this would be the valuable.

Let's assume it takes a half hour to get to work. For a week, this equals 5 hours of travel. For a year, this equals 260 hours!

When you think about the time just sitting to get to another destination, just makes my gut wrench. So what can you do for an hour everyday?

There's so many podcasts, audiobooks, streaming music and video clips, there is no excuse not to meditate or learn something in the car.

Stressed out? Listen to Deepak Chopra. Inspirational interviews? Lewis Howes. Aspiring new business? Marie Forleo. Learn a language. Organise your time. Just make sure the time is for you.

6. Working at a desk all day? Make sure to walk away from your desk at least every couple of hours to move the body around.

Not only does it improve your energy levels but gives us a chance to see what happening around the office and have a quick chat.

7. Exercise and meditation all in one? Yoga. I can’t recommend it more highly enough. Yoga is surely a meditative practice but also strengthens and increases your flexibility.

And for those into a challenge - bikram yoga also known as hot yoga to turns things up.

8. Cant stop thinking? The way to reduce the stress and anxiety can be as easy as writing things down. To-do lists, weekly goals, birthdays, grocery list, journalling and bills to pay. Write it down.

9. Getting enough sleep? Getting the time to sleep 7 to 8 hours improves your mood and focus. And also prevents us from eating more (or drinking more coffee) to make up the energy that we don’t have.

10. Read positive articles, affirmations and mantras to build a brighter mindset.

There are some sure ways to make you feel more peaceful everyday.

Practice makes progress.

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