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Improved Eating Habits: Review, Reflect and Refresh for healthy eating

Before i start - i have to mention - that not all bodies are built the same.

Foods that may work for one person, may not work for another person. That is why there are so many different diets out there, it confuses everyone even when the foods we eat work. So keep in mind - this is general advice and if you have any dietary requirements or certain medical conditions, please consult your doctor.

While most of my life, i have been ‘skinny’ - not necessarily healthy - I know how it feels to ‘feel’ and be ‘fat’. When i was twelve years old, the class was told to weigh themselves - you heard me right - WEIGH EVERY 12 YEAR OLD! And guess who was the ‘fat’ one - that’s right ME! I never felt fat (?) but gawd i remember those disgusted faces. So i know how it feels.

My family didn’t encourage exercise and healthy living; we just loved food. But something dramatic happened in my earlier years that changed my life forever which i will write in my next blog “Why i exercise not to be skinny”.

So the first exercise is easy. Write everything you eat for a week. I repeat. Write EVERYTHING you eat for A WEEK. Sound easy? Let me know how it goes. First important step is realising what you are eating. It may seem like a piece of cake but lets see how many pieces of cake you eat. You don’t have to show anyone but if you want to go to the next level, go ahead. Honesty is the best policy.

After the week is over, read what you have been eating. No doubt, there is a few things you wish you could change. If you don’t want to change anything, feel free to email me and let me know. Once the realisation hits you, time to detox the cupboards and the fridge. The closets of potential over eating and guilt. And the excuses of ‘just-in-case’ does not count.

No doubt when temptation is removed, change will start happening. And over time, there might be healthier alternatives.

The standard orders of five fruits and vegetables doesn’t help that much, if you are still eating bucket loads of unhealthy food. Unfortunately most of the advice we are given implies we have a light switch that we can just flick. Lasting change in our lifestyle takes time to develop. So i have come to my own conclusions on how to change your diet.

Firstly, reduce what your eating. Like anything, if you consume something long periods of time, your body gets use to the levels. For example, three cups of coffee is a lot of caffeine so try reducing a cup at a time.

Once the intake is as low as you can go, try eliminating the food out of your diet. Starting from every other day, every three days and maybe every week. Drinks like Cola and energy drinks are filled with preservatives and sugar. In short, a healthy diet does not include any of these drinks regularly.

While trying to eliminate certain foods, try replacing it with something else. We crave sweet and salty things at some stage but there are definitely different foods you can replace it with. For example, replacing milk chocolate with dark chocolate. Or replacing potato chips with flavoured rice crackers. Trust me, they are just as tasty.

When it comes to meals, stick with three times a day. From my experience, it is best to have the heaviest meal during the day whether lunch or breakfast. And eating meat once per day. The idea behind this theory is the body repairs itself at night. So if you’re gut is still digesting through the night it won’t be able to repair and restart itself for the next day.

So there it is. Some general advice about how to improve your diet. It certainly and does not come close to everything but it is a first step to knowing how to change how you eat.

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