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10 Simple Exercise Tips for Beginners

Firstly, figure out if you prefer to exercise in the morning or at night. For all those morning people, exercising first thing gets it out of the way and can provide energy for the rest of the day. While at night, you have time to chill out after an exercise and release any energy from a hard day of work.

If that’s not possible, speed walking on your lunch break or stopping a few stops away from the bus stop to get some time is good too. While deciding ‘when’ to exercise can be trivial, it stops us from going “i’ll do it in the morning… ill do it after work”. So, decide.

Have appropriate shoes to run or walk in. Trust me, it is so much more comfortable and lightweight compared to other shoes. And it prevents from any injuries and supports your feet especially from a long day.

Get exercise clothes to match. I use to wear my daggy pants and old shirts to run but it made me feel old and daggy. You don’t need to get activewear to run. Over time, changing into exercise gear triggers your brain its time to exercise. Going to Kmart or Target is enough; no excuses.

If you’re intending to lose weight, you need to have at least 30 minutes to exercise. It doesn’t have to be running, walking is fine to start with. Or if you want to try something different, dance classes, team sports and swimming is also great. Anything that is active. Squats, star jumps, skipping, climbing upstairs. Anything.

Make sure to stretch your legs and arms’ before and after you exercise. It may seem pointless but trust me, it will save a lot of pain for the next day. The feeling where you-can’t-walk after a hard workout shouldn’t be happening. Stretching is a must.

Don’t eat before you exercise. I recently forgot this little point after years of running and stitches got the better of me.

Have your latest podcast or music playing in your ear and time will fly by.

And the classic tip: set your goal to how much you want to lose or how often you want to exercise. Personally, i like to use my clothes to indicate where i am in my weight. But no doubt, the scale is more accurate.

While it may seem exercising is punishing you, the short term pains will win over the long term benefits EVERY time. Being healthy benefits your mental, emotional and physical health and preventing illness in the future.

Looking forward to send more info about Body Goals - Eating, Spirit & Emotional Health and Mind Goals.

So stay tuned, get active, work hard and have fun.

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